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Bobby Hard at Work

Three generations of family plus seven dogs and three cats live under our roof. The garden, field and Orchard also harbour a huge mixed bag of animals all, for the most part, coinciding happily in the Suffolk countryside.

All our dogs have separate owners. Matilda, my youngest daughter insists that ‘Blue’ is her dog (as the pink bling collar shows). Tabitha adores Ripple, since Ripple's daily task is to get her out of bed by landing with all four feet on Tabby's belly and snuffling her way under the covers. If all else fails I send up Jade who get both Ripple and Tabby up and moving in a very indecent manner (works a treat though). My dog is ‘Billy’ who, despite the fact he loves eating my knickers and bras, will always be my best friend. Richard owns Ringo and pretends not to own Ernie too, unless Ernie is behaving himself then its all Richard's hard work paying off on the little sprightly sprocket. Last, but never least, ‘Bobby’ is my Mothers second husband (as she likes to introduce him) who follows her everywhere and enjoys the comfort of a double bed and his own pillow.

During the day the dogs charge around (well all except Bobby who snoozes on various chairs and sofas - being the Patriarch has its benefits), and at night most of them are in the kennels. Apart from Billy and sometimes Bubbles, simply because they are mine… might not be fair but since I get the hard work I deserve my payback, and there is nothing nicer than a gently snoring Spaniel on your feet ...tell me if you agree?

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