People are often divided about what you should feed your canine. Our ‘house’ dogs are happily fed on table scraps as an extra. Billy loves pizza and curry. Bobby only really likes meat but will take bread / toast from small children out of politeness and then hide it behind my Mother's favourite chair. Bubbles likes tiny nibbles of toast and jam.

Our kennel dogs and house dogs are now fed on Skinners brand food which I could not recommend any more highly. Mother dogs (both expectant and feeding) have extra cooked meat in their diet. Our puppies too are weaned onto Skinners pet food. Its fabulous stuff and gives great results (and this is a completely impartial opinion).

The quantity of your food will obviously vary as your puppy grows. Don’t worry about feeding them the same food day in and day out. Unlike us humans they don’t need or want a great variety. The amount you feed each mealtime will vary to the dog food manufacturers guidelines. Be careful though since they can be rather over generous! As a guide you should aim for your puppy to be well covered but still maintain some semblance of his/her shape (I.e. you should feel their ribs and see his waistline).

How many feeds?

  • Up to 18 weeks. 4 meals per day at regular intervals
  • Up to 9 months old. 3 meals per day at regular intervals
  • Up to 18 months old. 2 meals per day at regular intervals
  • Over 18 months old. 1 to 2 meals a day depending on your personal choice.
  • Treats

    We use treats as a reward for good behaviour. There are lots of different ones on the market that are so well thought through that some can help clean the dogs teeth and even exercise a dogs jaw. The main thing to remember is that they do contain calories so too many of them too often can lead to a rather plump dog. So be careful there. I actually make our own, the kids love doing this too, the treats are jammed packed with essential vitamins and minerals, bursting with healthy extras such as Apple Cider Vineger and Brewers yeast.

    Finally lots of fresh water should always be available. They get through a LOT.

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