Insurance is always one of those things you wish you had when you didn’t bother to re-new or take out a policy. It doesn’t have to be the grandest one, a simple policy will see you in good steed when you are standing in the vets watching the bill being totted up. However much I would like to say that dogs are cheap pets, things can happen when you least expect it and the last thing you need to worrying about is how you are going to pay the bill when really you should be listening to how much medicine you should be giving and when.

Most policies will also carry a Third Party Liability clause too, so if your dog inadvertently sends the postman flying off his bike into a bush then you are covered for the cost of his dignity and new uniform.

Really comprehensive insurance will also cover you for kennel fees, travel cover and quarantine costs plus emergency vet bills abroad.

What ever you choose, something is better than nothing, but as with all insurance, its worth reading the fine print so you understand what is covered and for how long.

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