Meet Our Dogs

The Forge

Spaniels come in many shapes and sizes and, if I could, I would line our thirteen Spaniels and one pointer up and photograph them to prove my point. However anyone who has tried to keep any group of dogs in a photogenic pose for any length of time will tell you it is no mean feat. Hence we like to offer a ‘meet and greet’ service to anyone who is at all interested in the breed, alongside a delicious Suffolk Cream Tea, we will introduce the dogs one at a time.

During the summer months, when sitting in a deckchair is a perfect way to wile away a few hours, the dogs are free to run and play in the Orchard. I am very aware that for most people, seven and a half bouncy very happy to meet you dogs can be overwhelming, so we always start slowly with a quieter dog and build up to the grand finale of all of them frolicking around your feet.

From this not only do I get to show off my lovely canines, I hope that potential owners (and there never is any obligation to us at all) will leave smitten with the breed and have a firmer idea in mind of what they are looking for in their dog.

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