Taking Puppy Home

We send our puppies home with a supply of their food. If you wish to change brand then you will need to do this gradually by mixing the two feeds in together slowly adjusting from the minimum of the new feed to the maximum. A nice smelly bit of cloth reminding them of their mum and siblings smell acts as a bit of a security blanket (this we also provided). It also seems obligatory for half of our puppies to be sick in the car on their way home. Best I warn you I feel. We try not to feed them before you pick them up but fore warned is fore armed.

Try and make your first week as quiet as possible. This will not be easy since very few people can resist a puppy and you will have lots of new or forgotten friends suddenly appearing. However you need to keep your puppy as happy as possible and suddenly being torn from his siblings and Mother will leave him feeling rather lost and slightly overwhelmed. So keep it simple and quiet.

If you can have some time off work then please take it. Or sort out some sort of rota system. It is not written in stone that you have to do this but these first few weeks are the foundation for your dogs happiness and confidence in you so time and effort will be equally rewarded in the long run.

Don’t expect a good nights sleep to begin with. That puppy is going to cry, whine and possibly howl. What ever you do, avoid the temptation to take the puppy to bed with you. A small crying puppy in bed next to you is cute. A large fully grown Spaniel chomping on a dead rat is not. Believe me.

So make up the puppies bed with the smelly security blanket, find it a soft toy (charity shops are great for these) and be resilient. Remember though, a new puppy is like having your first baby, Mother Nature has a great way of making you forget all the negatives and in the long run all the sleepless nights, puddles of piddle and a few chewed school shoes will be a distant memory. Good luck and enjoy!

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