What To Buy

What To Buy

Obtaining the essentials - dog bed/feed bowls/collar, lead and identity disc/toys

Puppy’s grow into dog beds so you don’t need to buy a succession of ever increasing sized beds. A few blankets and what not’s will make the bed cosy for the pup, so just focus on a nice bed which is easily washed and shoved in the washing machine.

Feed bowls and toys are completely up to you. Metal bowls are the best since china breaks far too easily for springy Spaniels in their eagerness to eat. Squeaky toys seem like a good idea at the time but will drive you berserk. Balls on ropes and sausages on ropes are our firm favourites when it comes to play time.

It is now a legal requirement for your dog to have an identity disc with contact details. Your puppy will come micro chipped from us however a disc is a much simpler quicker way of having your dog returned if he decided to go walkabout. On a sideline here having ‘misplaced’ one of our dogs on Halloween, I cannot stress how brilliant our local council, dog wardens and RSPCA were in helping her get returned safely to us. Huge sigh of relief all round.

Collars can be a whimsy whilst they are little. I let my kids pick ours. Once they are fully grown, they can still be frivolous or smart just as long as they are well made and stay in place! Same goes for leads.

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