Dear Anne-Marie and Dave

We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Humbug and how well she has settled into our family.  

We have had her for almost 8 weeks and she has settled in beautifully. Although she was a little unsettled for the first couple of nights she soon became used to her new home and new family.  

She has a super, friendly temperament, she is cautious when meeting new dogs but not overly submissive and she is a quick learner. She watches Liquorice all the time to check  “the right thing to do”. I am almost tempted to take up shooting as I am sure that she would make a fabulous working dog! We will certainly have to ensure that we keep her mentally stimulated to stop her getting bored.  

From the first time I contacted you about the puppies I found that you were open and welcoming, all of my questions were answered and we liked the fact that we could visit Humbug after we had chosen her but before she was ready to move to her new family. We look forward to sharing more photos of Humbug as she grows and hope that she can come and stay with you on her holiday.

January 2012

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